BasicForm Styling Hair Brush and Comb Set for Men, Vent Brush Round Hair Roller for Quiff, Pompadour, Slicked-back, Undercut



VENT BRUSH: A vent hair brush that can be used with hair product, this works well for brushing out wet hair without pulling or damaging the hair. The vents in the back help to promote air flow and quick drying, especially when used with a blow-dryer. A nice arch in the brush base adds mens hair volume and body in just the right places. QUIFF ROLLER BRUSH: The small roller hair brush is best when used with a blow dryer to create volume and height by rolling the hair around the mens roller brush. This technique forces the the air to flow around the round brush, making styling mens hair quick and easy. Perfect for creating a pompadour or quiff in shorter hair, or even for shaping mid to long beards. REGULAR COMB: The comb is used for precise and tight hair styles such as a clean flick back or a neat pompadour. It’s fantastic for sharp side parts and also is great for distributing styling clay evenly. This comb is also sturdy enough to work through any tangles. STYLING COMB: The two styling combs for men can be used with the hair putty or hair sprays. The variety of widths of teeth can achieve different hair textures for a more layered look. These combs separate curls evenly and are great for fluffing up the roots of the hair. ALL HAIR STYLE: With this BasicForm styling brush and comb set, you can easily create different salon looks by yourself at home, including quiff, pompadour, slicked-back, fauxhawk, etc. This set is suitable for all different mens hair types, such as wet, dry, thick, wavy hair, etc.


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